05.02.2018 Chinas sole distributor GWXM visited Vremya-Ch

Chinas sole distributor GWXM visited Vremya-Ch to discuss further co-operations and signing of contracts. In addition, to jointly cooperate in the coming 23rd to 25th May, 2018 Exhibitions & Conference to be held in Harbin city: The China Satellite Navigation Conference 2018 (CSNC2018). Dr. Nickolay Demidov has agreed to participate in this conference and exhibition together with Beijing GenWangXinMao (GWXM) in Booth No: B10.

01.06.2017 Factory acceptance tests of IRNWT-II timescale system passed succesfully

On May 17 24, 2017 engineers from M/s Vremya-CH and M/s Western Systems in the presence of ISRO engineers carried out the Factory Acceptance Tests of the IRNWT-II time scale system. The results were reviewed by ISRO engineers and were found to be compliant with the specifications laid out in the contract. The IRNWT-II timescale system is ready for the shipment.

31.05.2017 Participation in the 8th China Satellite Navigation Conference

"Vremya-CH" specialists participated in CSNC 2017: 8th China Satellite Navigation Conference, which took place on May 23 - 25, 2017 Shanghai, China (website) and the accompanying exhibition. The exposition of the "Vremya-CH" company aroused great interest among the participants of the conference.

13.12.2016 Delegation from the Xi´an Institute of Space Radio Technology visits Vremya-Ch

December 2016, Mr. Meng Yansong, Director of the Institute of Space Radio Technologies (Xi´an, China), paid visit to "Vremya-CH". He was accompanied by Ms. He Yuling and Mr. Chi Cheng, members of the Institute.

The talks focused on cooperation between JSC "Vremya-CH" and one of the leading manufacturers of spacecraft avionics in China. Heads of "Vremya-CH" distributors in China Mr. KOH NAI LIP, director of "MotioNets Technology Pte. Ltd." (Singapore), and Ms Chen Jie, director of "GenWangXinMao" (Beijing), were also present.

19.07.2016 RadioAstron - 5 years of successful operations in orbit!

We join in congratulations of the five-year anniversary since the launch of the space telescope "RadioAstron". For 5 years hydrogen frequency standard (active type) VCH-1010, designed and manufactured by "Vremya-CH", has been functioning properly onboard the satellite.

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